How to choose the right inpatient rehab

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse addiction, you will need to select the best possible inpatient rehab center. To do this you will need to consider a number of criteria.

You will want to select a facility that has a cap on residents. The more clients a single facility has, the lower the quality will be as the facility’s resources will distributed over a larger amount of people. Facilities that only treat a select amount of people have more time and resources to allocate to their clients.

You will want to select a facility that allocates time for one on one counseling. Group therapy is fantastic, but often times people are not comfortable sharing in groups, and the one on one setting allows for a more in-depth and intimate examination of the root causes of addiction.

At any inpatient facility you will want 24/7 care. Any facility must have staff present at all times and ready to come to the aide of the clients should anything happen.  It is also crucial that any treatment program includes an exercise and life coaching component so that you can learn valuable habits that will help prevent the cycle of addiction.

You will also want to consult your budget when selecting a rehabilitation center. Generally speaking, the higher the fee, the higher the facility’s operating budget, which means the more customized care the client will receive. At a luxury rehabilitation center, for example, clients receive the best quality care because funding goes toward regular personal counseling, facilitation, resources and activities.

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